24 Apr 2016

Dental smoke and mirrors combined with lies??

The devil is in the detail, typical double speak.

Australian Dental Association, the peak body, said the devil was in the details.
"Let's see this for what it is. This is a budget saving resulting in a reduction of about $200 million per annum for dental care," ADA President Rick Olive said in a statement.
Dr Olive said the government was effectively reducing its funding allocation from $615 million a year under the current scheme to a new scheme that will provide only $425 million a year. This policy is being sold with a forked tongue.
"It's smoke and mirrors," he said. "Let's not be fooled. This is a measure that just won't deliver."
The scheme would place further strain on state and territory public sector dental services - which already have waiting lists of between nine months and three years depending on the state - and people from rural and remote areas will be left "high and dry".

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