7 Apr 2016

Education and Vocational training is an investment in the future not simply a cost!

We need to stop thinking of education as a cost or our standards will tumble, as we've seen with the shonky, multi-billion dollar private training rip-off merchants.
Article by Aaron Tucker edited by S W T Read.
THERE WAS a time when we were happy with our training providers. A push to deregulate, privatise and streamline have seen our standards slip.

In their place we have a multi-billion dollar sector extracting high fees for low value.

We need to nurture our populace into well trained and educated citizens, not plunge them into the murky world of profit maximisation and "race to the bottom" standards.

The Coalition is still referring to education as a cost, dead money, its unbelievable, this is a government that talks about innovation? Cleverness?

Education is the best investment Australia can make for our future!

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