6 Apr 2016

Turnbull's recent back to the future thought bubble was cracker of an April Fools day joke.

Excerpt from article by Mungo MacCallum
Another of Malcolm Turnbull's thought bubbles of states raising their own tax has collapsed like a lead balloon.
Our Prime Minister's bold back-to-the-future plan (back some 74 years, in fact) was rejected within 48 hours, as soon as the premiers realised that it was not an April Fool's Day joke.(or was it just about the blame game)
When Turnbull announced what he called the most fundamental tax reform in generations at the Penrith Panthers car park, without warning, detail or documentation, it was never really going to be taken seriously.
As for the hapless Treasurer, Scott Morrison, once again he was caught by the short and curlies by his leader, he said it was just speculation: he was certain that Turnbull had not intended to imply that state taxes could actually rise.
All that showed us that Morrison was not only out of the loop, he was just about round the twist. If taxes did not increase, then what was the point of the exercise? Was it just to duck-shove the responsibility from one jurisdiction to another without doing anything to solve the looming crisis threatening hospitals and schools?

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