26 May 2016

Abbott is waiting in the wings,was a secret deal done? Will Malcolm just step aside?

Based on an article by Sandi Keane

Malcolm could win or loose this election. The question is how long will he stay. After all he's really still following Abbotts agenda. 

His policies are almost a rerun of Abbott's delivered with flowers instead of a whip!

At 62 this year, Turnbull won’t be hanging around

At age 62 this year and already the third oldest prime minister on taking office, does anyone seriously think Turnbull will hang around for long after the election?
If he loses, he’ll be off nursing a bruised ego.
If he wins, think about it … committing to a three-year term will make him 65 by the 2019 election. The choice would be leaving halfway through that term to give a new leader time to settle in before the election, or staying on for another term — until he’s 68. Does that sound likely?
So, if retiring during the 2016-2019 term was part of the secret deal, he'd have no problem sucking that up. As I said, a win-win. 
But what will historians make of it? Allowing his legacy to be eclipsed by the boneheads in his party would surely render the realization of his life's dream a pyrrhic victory. But, as we know, judgement was never Malcolm's strong point.

As PM, he fails to convince

Turnbull is no Robert Menzies or John Howard.
He might have the style but lacks the drive and substance of a true leader. Described variously as wishy-washy, flaky, unfocussed, easily irritated by pesky interviewers and, at times looking completely lost, it’s clear his heart isn’t in the job.
Malcolm is a placebo he looks like and sounds like the real thing until we realized he's really just a cardboard cut out that can talk. There doesn't seem to be any substance. He's a Toby jug that's cute, but empty. 

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