20 May 2016

Australia:White Knight(Malcolm Turnbull) morphs into Darth Vader

The White Knight and his merry men seem to have turned into Storm Troopers.
Based on an article by Katharine Murphy

I wonder will Peter Dutton promise to build a wall before this election campaign is through?  Don't be surprised if he does, because he's channelling Donald Trump at the moment.

Its amazing how great a distance away from the adult government the prime minister promised us when he returned to the Liberal leadership.

We have moved light years away from the positive campaign of affirmation Malcolm Turnbull wanted to run.

Remember the exciting times he promised?

As for poor old Mathias Cormann, he is going to have to be reprogrammed because the poor guy thinks this election campaign is about jobs and growth. No? The campaign is about stoking the national neurosis about invasion of non-people and about otherness.

The Coalition has taken less than a fortnight to fold(given up the new friendly look). They've dusted off the tired old script, and old campaign by deploying its worst excesses of negativity.(The Dark Force has engulfed them once more)

If this is the campaign the Coalition wanted to run, there was no point in unseating Tony Abbott, because let’s be honest, he would run this nonsense far more compellingly than Malcolm Turnbull will.

Abbott shines as an attack dog supreme in comparison. His fault was he didn't know how to govern. Now we have a knight in shining armor but underneath the armor its empty, the body we thought was in there has morphed into what?

No one is sure what we bought, the packaging looked good but alas we have been let down and we can't get our money back.

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