27 May 2016

Austrlians are Missing the point

Based on an excerpt from an article by George Negus
Missing the point

Week by week, poll by poll, the country’s leaders and would-be leaders belt each other with media-provided feather dusters.

As a result of our leadership fixation, we may have de-politicised the political debate.

Somehow, thanks to the leadership cop-out, we’ve reduced the difference between two ostensibly ideologically-driven political parties to a matter of degree, not difference.

Boiled down, competing policies amount to: “We’d do the same things as the other mob – but we’ll do them better and cheaper.”The media in general fall for the same game, how often do see policies analysed. Not often, because they need a headline a couple of times a day and the my mob verses my mob provides this crap.

If that’s what our democratic process has become, why bother with the whole tedious business?
  • Why do we need political parties? All we need is two talking heads!
  • Why not just put governing the country up for tender? That way they could make everything commercially in confidence.
  • Best bid wins! If that’s too much trouble, toss an old penny. “Heads, Labor wins; tails, the Libs.”
It make as much sense as voting for leaders, not parties.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t vote for a leader. I vote for the ideology of the party the leader leads.
Silly me. I thought that was what this whole Western democratic circus was supposed to be about.

And any individual who seriously thinks they can run a country without a lot of help from the bureaucratic drones needs a shrink, not an election victory.
These drones everyone dislikes actually run the country in spite of the politics and they do a pretty good job.https://www.facebook.com

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