1 May 2016

England's slack regulations may be killing its people.

Successive governments have undermined the independent inspection of businesses over many years, with damaging consequences for public health.
A typical business can now expect a local authority health and safety inspection just once every 20 years it appears. Between 2004 and 2013, there were 34% fewer food standards inspections and 28% fewer prosecutions; 53% fewer health and safety inspections and 40% fewer prosecutions; and 56% fewer environmental health inspections and 40% fewer prosecutions.
Its not about rules, regulations and red tape,this is about lives lost and shortened and the health of communities, workers and consumers made poorer. 
This is avoidable business-generated, state-facilitated social incompetence. It is unbelievable that this continues with no reaction, its  met largely by political silence.”
A shift towards self-regulation and the use of private firms to carry out regulatory work once overseen by public bodies is blamed for a softening of the regulatory environment and government's of all persuasions have let it happen.

The public is led to believe the greatest harms faced by citizens are dealt with by the police and courts, however this is far from the case. These are not random happenings but the result of political and economic decisions. Policymakers need to urgently address the radical reduction in local authority inspections and enforcement.

Look around the world and we see horrific things occur because their governments have non existent regulations is that the England you want to live in? 
Who watches the watchers?...No one!

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