20 May 2016

Loyalty and Liberal are not in partnership they don't cuddle, being loyal is about putting number one firstly.

Turnbull's people aren't scrappers. They haven't had to fight for much, they don't think of the greater good, they think of nothing but attaining power. Once in power they don't seem to know what to do with it. Sure they can be uncouth but has counted against them rather than been rewarding.

Not like it was for the Abbotts or Rudds of this world.

They aren't particularly loyal to the Liberal Party per se (which is why they are using that Turnbull Australia livery: it means more to their team, such as it is, than that not-quite-retro 1970s-stylised blue "L").

They don't have any of that "romance of the road" that enables people to tolerate substandard conditions and upheaval day after day, all those flights and buses and cars and hotels/motels and late nights/early mornings and now Adelaide, now Queensland, now Westensinnyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

That leaves the Liberal Party with Tony Nutt, former Liberal State Director in about four states, Nutt is tough and shrewd; very hard to put anything over him and he is fascinated by marginal seats and targeted campaigning and all that jazz.

Nutt could've been a great minister or a very good CEO. What he can't do is run a national campaign on his lonesome. Nobody can.

Turnbull's people are the sort who'd bring plastic cutlery to a knife fight; Nutt would bring a chainsaw, but he can only do so much.

Given the jumble of people he has to work with, to whom loyalty means so little, he has a lot of stairs to climb before he can open the door to the next term.

My thanks to Andrew Elder

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