10 May 2016

The coming of the savior Malcolm Turnbull hasn't turned the pumpkin into a glass carriage, its still a bloody pumpkin I'm afraid.

My thanks to David Marr for writing an article I could play with.
On his return from Yarralumla on Sunday, Turnbull repeated the message he delivered the day he toppled Abbott: he is on the side of the future and unafraid of change.
“We live in a time of remarkable opportunity,” he said. “We live in an era when the scale and pace of economic change is unprecedented through all of human history. The opportunities for Australia have never been greater.
“There are many challenges. But if we embrace this future with confidence and with optimism, with self-belief and a clear plan, then we will succeed as we have never succeeded before.”
Then he came up with his plan.
His plan for the future, and it was a fizzer.
It didn't make a sound after he lit the fuse, why because its powder wasn't dry and it was old.
It was the same old plan we've heard before.The vision we all wanted turned out to be a mirage, nothing more.
Opinion polls show Australians back equality. They want better protection for human rights and a clearer separation of church and state. Euthanasia and marriage equality enjoy the support of more than 70% of the community. Backers of a republic outnumber monarchists two to one.
Australians want a fairer tax system, a federal anti-corruption agency, better regulation of campaign funding, constitutional recognition of its Indigenous peoples and, it’s worth repeating, effective action against global warming.

His so called vision didn't contain any of these ingredients, this cake is not a break through in culinary art it won't even meet the pub test.http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/may/10/australians-crave-change-but-this-election-wont-deliver-it-david-marr

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