12 May 2016

This is an economy based on greed, fairness runs a long last under a LNP government.

7-Eleven: Former ACCC chairman Allan Fels hits out after wages panel dropped, Where's the LNP support for workers, the silence is deafening.

Updated about 7 hours ago
A statement released by 7-Eleven said the wage panel had "agreed to transition the claims process for past under-payment of wages by franchisees to an independent unit within 7-Eleven".
Convenience store operator 7-Eleven has dumped the independent wage panel, headed by former ACCC chairman Professor Allan Fels, which was established to assess workers' entitlements following revelations many were being underpaid.
There was no agreement to transition to unit within & Eleven. Professor Fels rejected this interpretation, insisting the panel was sacked.
"They told me by phone [on Wednesday]," he told 7.30.
"I sat there and listened in silence. I didn't agree to that and I don't agree with what they're doing."

Company 'trying to work up story there was fraud going on'

The wage panel was set up after the ABC's Four Corners uncovered evidence that some workers at the convenience store chain were being paid as little as $10 per hour.
A company insider told Four Corners exploitation of workers was a key part of the 7-Eleven business model, claiming franchisees would face financial ruin if they paid proper wages.
Professor Fels told 7.30 that 7-Eleven was looking for evidence of fraud to justify the low wages that were being paid.
"They had been trying to work up a story there is fraud going on," he said.
"We've been asking them for months to come up with evidence, and they keep failing to do so."
"It's just a story they want to generate in order to discredit the panel a bit and give themselves an excuse for managing the process and getting the claims down.

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