6 May 2016

Trickery and evasion:-Turnbull refuses to disclose if there is approximately $55 billion in lost revenue due to cuts in business tax.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull accused of trickery and evasion after refusing to clarify the cost of his budget’s key measure, its a shaky start to the election campaign and he's beginning to look a bit shifty.
The long-term impact of his government’s generous incentives to 'small business owners' who are they? They're no longer $2 million annual turnover they are now with $100 million turnover a jump of $98 million.
According to Malcolm the small business turnover had to be lifted because the local coffee shop owner had a turnover of $2 million? Mind you I don't know many coffee shops that have that sort of turnover, perhaps its really about helping bigger businesses, not so much the coffee shops? What do you reckon?
How much will this 10-year plan cost? The Prime Minister dodged, then flat-out refused to provide a dollar figure.
Deloitte Access Economics has estimated the 10-year plan would cost approximately $55 billion in lost revenue.I wonder how many schools and hospitals would that build?
It seems the government embarked on a substantial budgetary measure without an idea of its long-term impact on government revenue.
Not a good look going into an election, boasting that your the best money managers, also can I mention the word trust, its a very valuable commodity and shouldn't be squandered.
We all remember the last PM's treatment of the word trust and if people get an inkling of the same treatment they will treat Malcolm Turnbull harshly.

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