29 Jun 2016

Medicare and Malcolm.It is Liberal ideology to oppose Medicare, so what does never,never,never really mean?

It is fair to ask whether Turnbull's solemn undertaking would be any more permanent if the opportunity to reverse it arose. So Shorten's so-called scare campaign - just the latest from both sides in this unedifying election - may indeed have some substance. The Libs may not be game to sell off Medicare, but that does not mean that they have to like it - or any other manifestation of publicly funded health policy.
It is easy enough to go back the last three years - Tony Abbott's promises of no cuts to health, education and the ABC, then the attempt to introduce a co-payment (read: charge to patients) for Medicare services, the slicing away of pathology and other areas, the reinstatement of what was supposed to be a temporary freeze on rebates, the so-called reviews of handing over the payment system and maybe other bits of human resources to free enterprise - Turnbull's record of preserving Medicare in all its pristine glory is hardly a convincing one.


26 Jun 2016

“Never, ever, privatise Medicare” The Coalition's aim has always been to privatise Medicare, They've been trying for years.

An article by John Laurence Menadue AO

MALCOLM TURNBULL says that the Coalition will “never, ever, privatise Medicare”. Given the wide public support for Medicare and Malcolm Turnbull’s way with words his attempted rebuttal is not surprising.
But the Coalition has been eroding Medicare from within for a decade and a half since John Howard. The vehicle for this erosion is private health insurance (PHI) and the government is facilitating this process with the $11 billion p.a. taxpayer funded subsidy to support private health insurance.
And the ALP does not seem to care. It scarcely ever mentions the damage of PHI. Is it scared of this vested interest? 
If people want PHI, that is their right, but it should not be at the expense of others and in the process, erode Medicare.
The erosion of Medicare is proceeding rapidly which I will outline below. The danger and the threat increases every year. Steadily we are moving down the disastrous U.S. path of private health insurance with its horrific costs and unfairness. Warren Buffet has described private health insurance in the U.S. as the ‘tapeworm in the US health system’.
The Coalition‘s undermining of Medicare through PHI is insidious. It occurs in many ways. Medicare is becoming less and less a quality system available to all, regardless of income.The $11 billion subsidy for PHI undermines Medicare’s principles of a single funder, universality and solidarity. The PHI subsidy goes overwhelmingly to people on higher incomes. The key and founding principle of Medicare was that quality care should be available on the basis of need and not income. The $11 billion p.a. subsidy to PHI is a violation of that principle. It enables the wealthy to jump the hospital queue regardless of need.

John Laurence Menadue AO (born 8 February 1935) is an Australian businessman and public commentator, and formerly a senior public servant and diplomat. He is the founding chair and board member of the Centre for Policy Development.

25 Jun 2016


It's of minor importance to Australia, worth only a couple of percentage points of our exports. If the Poms want to shoot themselves in their economic foot by withdrawing from a powerful trade bloc, I don't care.
But I do care about the isolationist small-mindedness that seems to have driven the Brexit vote; the shrinking vision, the reduced hearts and minds of what was once a rather grand outward-looking nation. The danger, as many have commented, is that it gives heart to similar xenophobic, anti-globalisation types.
Many of the protagonists know no better. They are people with minds closed to the reality of the world being made a better place by maximising engagement, by welcoming differences and enlargement. There are others, the worst of them, happy to exploit ignorance for their short-term advantage. It sells newspapers. It can win an election. It can give an aspirant power.The same populist forces that swung the British public - that demonise migrants and, especially, refugees, that push a myth of a smaller, protectionist future being better – are at work here and more broadly in the world. That's a worry.


Will the UK’s exit from the EU have a depressing effect on investment etc.

Excerpt  from  article by David Spencer, professor of economics and political economy, University of Leeds
The uncertainty surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU will have a depressing effect on investment, both domestic and foreign, and will inhibit growth. Recession remains a real possibility. This would be in line with the prediction of the majority of economists.
The reaction of the Bank of England will be important. It will face pressure to raise interest rates due to the inflationary threat from Brexit. Any rate rise would put further downward pressure on the economy.
The government’s stance will also be crucial. George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, talked about an emergency budget in the event of Brexit. This would be the wrong course of action; more austerity at this stage will simply depress the economy and impose greater hardship on UK citizens. Osborne would do better to abandon his surplus target and to loosen fiscal policy. The task for the Labour Party is to promote an alternative (anti-austerity) economic policy that addresses the challenges of a post-Brexit economy.
One important message from the EU referendum is that a majority of the British electorate believe that economic policy and the economy is not delivering for them. Sadly, Brexit is not going to address people’s real concerns; instead, it is going to mean more hardship and pain.

S.W.T.Read. An Australians opinion.
The startling thing that has emerged episode from this is the divide between London and the rest of the country. A more inclusive and less ideology driven government is called for. The perception that London cares little for a large section of the community and the growing gap between the well off and THE REST is an elephant in the room. This rampaging elephant showed its head in this referendum and if no notice is taken future governments will pay a heavy price.

23 Jun 2016

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce unveils Coalition's $240 million agriculture policy. To be spent when? We no not where? Or if its real?

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce unveils Coalition's $240 million agriculture policy

The Deputy Prime Minister has announced the Coalition's $240 million agriculture policy, as the campaign approaches its final week.
Barnaby Joyce said the policy builds on his Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. It's not clear exactly where, when or how that money will be spent.
Farmers who hoped that the Coalition's agriculture policy would bring certainty on future backpacker tax arrangements have been disappointed.

The UK: Is this payback for history, for old enemies that dared to attack Britannia in the past.

Finally. The finest hour. 
The day for which all brave and self-respecting Britons have long been waiting. Referendum Day. The pub happy hour when the proud People living under the Union Jack seize their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make things better.
Have their Big Say.
Forge a brighter future. Claw back their rightful sovereign power. Decide their destiny. Seal the kingdom’s borders. Put a stop to all the meddling by outsiders in their daily lives.
Prove that the City of London will forever be first in the world of money.
Put the arrogant French and upstart Dutch and Danes back in their place. Tell the Germans they’re still Nazis. Be imperial tough. Say to the sponging hordes of Syria and Afghanistan that they’ve no alternative but to return home.
Point out to the whole of foreign Europe, and to the rest of the planet, that Britannia will again be strong, rule the waves, never again to be slaves of others.

Please note: Britannia will never rule the waves again, they are not an Empire in fact they're only just a small world power.

So vote Remain, why because your not stupid! 

Electricity prices, The Coalition, the election agenda and the case for not mentioning it.

We were told electricity would not rise because they removed the carbon tax? This is what happened!

In case you had forgotten, electricity prices were a really big deal in the last federal election campaign in 2013, albeit often disguised under the rubric of axe the tax. Then Coalition spokesmen quite deliberately and repeatedly conflated the term carbon tax with electricity tax.

Clearly this was deemed acceptable in the court of public opinion. The justification was that Labor’s carbon pricing mechanism specifically targeted the electricity sector rather than other key emission intensive sectors of the economy such as land-use and transport.

This time round, in the 2016 election campaign, electricity prices are much less prominent. The Coalition would have us believe that by axing the tax they have driven electricity prices down. The flow on effect from reduced household expenses is a rise in consumer confidence. And that, we are told, is a key stimulus in maintaining growth in face of strong economic headwinds, and one we shouldn’t risk by changing government.

However, this is all a bit strange, because wholesale electricity prices have almost doubled over what they were at the equivalent stage of the last election cycle. Incredibly, they are 300% above what they were in the 2010 election.


'Short-sighted, expensive and backward looking': ex-NBN boss blasts Turnbull's plan

NBN slow because of Malcolm Turnbull changed the game. His knowledge of IT is limited to social media, the result is a barstardized model.

He's a guy who entered a T model ford in a 2016 formula one race and expected to win???

'Short-sighted, expensive and backward looking': ex-NBN boss blasts Turnbull's plan:

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22 Jun 2016

Politics of fear and reactions.Refugees,Immigration and Asylum seekers,Terrorists.

Image result for yoda fear quotes
In Australia we've had the invasion of "boat people" then "refugees are terrorists" and "all Muslims are terrorist".  In England "migrants taking jobs" and "all Muslims are terrorist", as for the USA its "all Muslims are terrorist".

When some in the political arena push the fear button once to often, the media looking for headlines take over and it becomes a feeding frenzy.

It then begins to seep into some disenfranchised and mentally ill people, who decide to take things into their own hands as seen recently splashed all over our TV screens.

Politicians and the press should realise when you encourage rage you cannot then feign surprise when people become enraged. You cannot turn around and say, "Mate, you weren't supposed to take it so seriously. "It's just a game, just a ploy, a strategy for winning votes or selling newspapers."

When you shout it to a breaking point over and over again, you shouldn't be surprised when someone breaks. When you present politics as a matter of life and death, as a question of national survival, don't be surprised if someone takes you at your word.

"You didn't make them do it, no, but you didn't do much to stop it either."

Rhetoric has consequences. If you spend days, weeks, months, years telling people they are under threat, that their country has been stolen from them, that they have been betrayed and sold down the river, that their birthright has been pilfered.

Then tell them that their problem is they're too slow to realise any of this is happening, that their problem is they're not sufficiently mad as hell.
Then at some point, something or someone is going to snap, then something terrible is going to happen.

We can't control the weather but in politics we can control the climate which is created.

Its on us, all of us, whatever side of any given argument we happen to be, to press the commonsense button. Until we do that we'll are allowing the fear spinners to take control.

Today, it feels like we've done something terrible to that climate. In England, Europe the USA and Australia the fear spinners are in action.

We all have a common cure for this illness, its commonsense, its not hard to use, you just distill the spin and you will see the origin, a small fragment of half truth that has been laundered to death.

14 Jun 2016

Why not? Australian Conservative Party (ACP) and the Australian Social Democratic Party (ASD)

Based on an article by George Negus
Once we get this farcically dragged-out federal election behind us – that is, if we ever do – how do you feel about the next one in 2019 being fought between two real political parties? Say, the Australian Conservative Party (ACP) and the Australian Social Democratic Party (ASDP)?
Never heard of them? Well, actually, they already exist. They just don’t call themselves by those unfamiliar idiosyncratic names.
For the Australian Conservative Party, read what currently misleadingly calls itself the Liberal Party which be called the Country Party,National Country Party or Coalition.
For the Australian Social Democratic Party, read what goes by the hackneyed Australian Labor Party tag.
The ALP’s political “brand” is generations past its use-by date. At the same time, the Liberals’ who are in fact the opposite of Liberal packages its product in a way that is outright false advertising.
Given widespread voter disillusion, disinterest and distrust with the so-called major parties, maybe an all-round shake-up might be in order, a thoroughgoing facelift!
Instead of putting up with the existing apologies for ideologically-motivated differences, why not a freshly-minted reinvention of the two leading contestants prior to our next “Battle of the Parties” in three years’ time?
Regardless of who gets up on July 2 – notwithstanding another not-so-well-hung Parliament – the elected pollies of course have to get on with their governing and opposing. But surely the flimsy state of the country’s body politic also makes the time ripe for some serious navel-gazing, so that next time round, we know not just who we’re voting for, but what?
Would these changes make mutch difference, no we'd still be voting for the same old three word bloody slogans but the name changes would at least reflect what the parties stand for.

9 Jun 2016

Billions of pounds taken out of the British economy

Billions of pounds taken out of the British economy amid fears of Brexit
Investors are taking fright as the referendum nears.

To the average person on the street this may not seem to be a problem but the big end of town is frightened.
Investors are moving billions of pounds in assets out of British currency and assets ahead of the European Union referendum, new figures suggest.

Around £65bn left the UK or was converted into other currencies in March and April, the largest amount since the economic crash.

In the six months to the end of April, £77bn was pulled out of British pounds, compared to just £2bn in the six months to the end of last October.

If this trend was to continue the average person could indeed feel it!

EU referendum: MP Sarah Wollaston swaps sides over 'untrue' Leave claims - BBC News

No to EU given swift  right hook as Wollaston jumps ship. In doing so she throws overboard the 350 million pound lie!

EU referendum: MP Sarah Wollaston swaps sides over 'untrue' Leave claims - BBC News:

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Major parties asleep at the wheel.You want money? Look at at NT and Norfolk Island!

So if the major parties are looking for a late, sports-themed winner to get behind, here's an idea: a crackdown on the Northern Territory as a sports gambling tax haven.
For the big online betting houses, life is anything but tough at the top. They love it up there. And not without good reason. For them, it's a low-tax jurisdiction.
And by low, we're talking an effective tax rate of decimals of cents in the dollar. Figures released for the previous financial year showed the NT's betting houses had a turnover of $9.6 billion - yet paid just $4.77 million in tax.
While operators elsewhere can attract a tax rate of close to 60 per cent on their top dollars, the NT caps tax for betting houses at just over half a million dollars per year.
As a result, more than a dozen betting operations are now set up in the Territory capital. A number of them - such as William Hill, Bet365 and Paddy Power's Sportsbet - are foreign-owned.
In other words, the Territory has become a funnel through which billions of dollars are being fleeced - or at least taken - from local punters and then shipped overseas.
Senator Nick Xenophon once described the Territory's tax laws as "an absolute gift" to the bookmakers, who "must be laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts".
Yet, another Australian territory has an even more attractive tax set up.
On lonely, cash-strapped Norfolk Island, bookmakers will pay no more than $300,000 in a year. It's a tax cap that has seen the likes of Ladbrokes licence its Australian operation through there. 

7 Jun 2016

Based on the following which party should win?

Based on an article by Michael Clanch
Election promises
Image result for time cartoon
What do we really get

The true drivers of national economic prosperity are not derived from economic strategy alone but flow from an array of factors, many of which are social and environmental in origin.

The deep drivers of productivity and prosperity mostly originate in and flow from the public or political domain of nations.

In the Australian context we should identify the following publicly-sponsored activities and investments as the critical engines to our national economic prosperity.

From primary prevention, early intervention and treatment to rehabilitation. These services reduce death and disability rates and promote vitality and well-being in the paid workforce, as well as releasing the productive potential of would-be family carers
In all its forms, as the fountainhead of human capital formation and adaptability. Included here are quality child care, pre-school, primary and secondary schooling, universities, vocational training, research and development institutes and governmental research and development financial support to the private sector.
The development of public infrastructure, which renders our cities and regional areas functional — the built edifice upon which the diverse array of transport, communications, utilities and trade operates.
Law and order
A system of law and order — legislature, courts, police, mediation and conciliation services and so on — to defend person and property, assure free enterprise and establish commercial certainty.
Resource managementProtection and management of our naturally endowed resources — promoting clean air and clean water, healthy forests, soils, seas, fauna and flora, natural energy sources and access to our valuable sovereign minerals.
Employment services
Income maintenance and workforce re-connection services for those excluded, for whatever reason, from paid work.
Credible defence and deterrence capacity, including governmental foreign diplomatic and trade initiatives.

5 Jun 2016

Turnbull government is considering proposals for a writer to have no rights to their work 15 to 25 years after it’s first published.

Based on an article by Richard Flanigan

In recent weeks I discovered that the Turnbull government is considering proposals for a writer to not have any rights in their work 15 to 25 years after it’s first published.

So:- Mem Fox has no rights in Possum Magic.
Stephanie Alexander has no rights in A Cook’s Companion.
Elizabeth Harrower has no rights in The Watch Tower.
John Coetzee has no rights in his Booker winning Life and Times of Michael K.
Peter Carey to The Kelly Gang
Tim Winton to Cloudstreet.

Anyone can make money from these books except the one who wrote it.

The Abbott and now Turnbull governments’ record drips with a contempt for writers and writing that leaves me in despair.
They want to thieve their past work, and, by ending parallel importation restrictions and territorial copyright, destroy any future for Australian writers.

The looming threat to our book industry is bad for authors, publishers ... 

That contempt has been made concrete in the report of the Productivity Commission.

The Productivity Commission doesn’t dare call books books. No! Instead they are called –cultural externalities.

Is this another "innovation" by the Turnbull Government?

Strange modelling used to sell company tax cuts

The strange modelling used to sell company tax cuts

CoinsPHOTO: The modelling is at the heart of the problem of the company tax cut plan. (ABC News: Gregory Nelson)
We're told that cutting the company tax rate will lead to greater economic output, higher wages and more jobs. But the modelling used to support these claims is based on assumptions that are divorced from reality. 
There's an old joke about an economist, a physicist and a chemist stranded on a desert island with no implements and a crate of canned food that washed up from a shipwreck.
While the physicist and the chemist set about devising novel ways to open the cans, the economist says: "Let's assume we have a can opener."
Its obvious that the LNP modelers not only assume they have a can opener but they have a full set of tools as well. Problem:- If they're only assumed tools they still can't open the can?

3 Jun 2016

A letter from Miss Australia(Australia) to her suitors.Who to choose?

Dear Lord Turnbull and Mr Shorten,
I hope you will forgive me for writing to you both, but the reason may become clear from what I have to say. I confess that my parents had to force me to read your letters. I do appreciate your ardent expressions of your desire for my affections, although I did find your extremely long lists of reasons, regarding why I should logically choose you as my husband, somewhat administrative and unromantic in tone.
To be perfectly honest with you both, I am surprised by your presumption that I have been actively considering your competing claims for my hand for some time. In truth, I was barely aware of your existence until Papa and Mama recently started discussing your relative merits at the dinner table. Even then I could hardly discern a difference. I understand that you, Lord Turnbull, own a coal mine and you, Mr Shorten, were once an "organiser" of coal miners. However, your apparent passion for matters coal-related does not appeal to me at all; it all seems quaintly 19th Century to me but I prefer to look forward to a world of greener aspect.
Which brings me to Captain Green, who you appear to detest in equal measure. Yes, I am well aware that, while dashingly handsome, he possesses no social connections or apparent financial means. I choose to ignore the whiff of scandal to which you both allude but decline to describe.
I may be inexperienced, but I do find it appealing when a man looks me in the eye when he speaks and when he uses language I can comprehend. You speak of my youth as if it is a curse; he talks to me of things about which I actually care. I don't know if what he says is right; some of it sounds unlikely. Still, I feel something when I am in his presence which I cannot imagine ever experiencing in yours.
As for Mr Xenopohon - I am compelled to say that your comments regarding him upset me greatly. Being "foreign" is not, in my view, a disqualifying characteristic for entry into polite company. You may dismiss him because he has a funny-sounding name; I would prefer to take everyone as they come. Your, to be frank, xenophobic outlook, does neither of you credit and only drives me further from having any interest in whatever it is you wish to say to me.
I am, as you say, very young. I do not wish to commit to anybody just yet, but I should make it clear that, if you wanted to ensure that I never committed to either of you, you are going the right way about it.
Yours etc
Miss Australia

1 Jun 2016

Morrison the Magician: How to make our jobless and economic ills vanish.

By John Haly

Scott Morrison, the magician, illusionist extraordinaire, has made all Australia’s failing job and economic growth problems vanish in a puff of smoke and mirrors (with apologies to John Passant for stealing his phrase). John Haly reports.

TREASURER MORRISON has created a grand facade of jobs springing miraculously from the presumption of Australia’s economically fertile soil.

Drought resistant and immune to the emerging heat of anthropomorphic climate change (which was provided with no new solution in the 2016 Budget), our economy is expected to blossom with “Jobs and Growth”. Prosperity is forthcoming to the families of Australia, except for those who are too lazy to earn over $80K a year!

Scott Morrison, the magician, illusionist extraordinaire

Should we be frightened? Yes! Leaks, secrets and the really scary thing about the NBN raids

How and when these laws are used, its a problem.

These laws can be used to obtain information, lock up journalists and whistle blowers.

That not the end of it, the use of these ancient laws together the most recent, have given to much power without adequate oversight. Remember what happened in Germany when certain powers were given to a so called policing organisation.

This could never happen hear I hear you say, well I'd rather be safe than sorry. We need the the parliament to be more aware of the powers they have given blindly without forethought.

Proper oversight is required, it is obviously lacking given what has just happened.

By the way, it seems that every action by the AFP or Border Force requires camera crews to be on hand, I suppose that means that they had prior warning, how thoughtful. It looks as if they even new before the minister.

So now its show time every time they're in action, whoopee! Which channel? What time?

Leaks, secrets and the really scary thing about the NBN raids:

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Youth takes on Coles and wins! Coles could be forced to renegotiate pay deal with thousands of workers after Fair Work ruling

These shop workers were shafted by their own union, Coles got the best deal it could in its own interest.

The union bent over backwards for Coles with no thought for the people they are supposed to represent.
This union's hierarchy is predominately right wing and its history is shocking with regard to wage deals.

Apparently they operate a system of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

The workers do not appear to be part of this back scratching regime.

Coles could be forced to renegotiate pay deal with thousands of workers after Fair Work ruling - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

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