7 Jun 2016

Based on the following which party should win?

Based on an article by Michael Clanch
Election promises
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What do we really get

The true drivers of national economic prosperity are not derived from economic strategy alone but flow from an array of factors, many of which are social and environmental in origin.

The deep drivers of productivity and prosperity mostly originate in and flow from the public or political domain of nations.

In the Australian context we should identify the following publicly-sponsored activities and investments as the critical engines to our national economic prosperity.

From primary prevention, early intervention and treatment to rehabilitation. These services reduce death and disability rates and promote vitality and well-being in the paid workforce, as well as releasing the productive potential of would-be family carers
In all its forms, as the fountainhead of human capital formation and adaptability. Included here are quality child care, pre-school, primary and secondary schooling, universities, vocational training, research and development institutes and governmental research and development financial support to the private sector.
The development of public infrastructure, which renders our cities and regional areas functional — the built edifice upon which the diverse array of transport, communications, utilities and trade operates.
Law and order
A system of law and order — legislature, courts, police, mediation and conciliation services and so on — to defend person and property, assure free enterprise and establish commercial certainty.
Resource managementProtection and management of our naturally endowed resources — promoting clean air and clean water, healthy forests, soils, seas, fauna and flora, natural energy sources and access to our valuable sovereign minerals.
Employment services
Income maintenance and workforce re-connection services for those excluded, for whatever reason, from paid work.
Credible defence and deterrence capacity, including governmental foreign diplomatic and trade initiatives.

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