1 Jun 2016

Should we be frightened? Yes! Leaks, secrets and the really scary thing about the NBN raids

How and when these laws are used, its a problem.

These laws can be used to obtain information, lock up journalists and whistle blowers.

That not the end of it, the use of these ancient laws together the most recent, have given to much power without adequate oversight. Remember what happened in Germany when certain powers were given to a so called policing organisation.

This could never happen hear I hear you say, well I'd rather be safe than sorry. We need the the parliament to be more aware of the powers they have given blindly without forethought.

Proper oversight is required, it is obviously lacking given what has just happened.

By the way, it seems that every action by the AFP or Border Force requires camera crews to be on hand, I suppose that means that they had prior warning, how thoughtful. It looks as if they even new before the minister.

So now its show time every time they're in action, whoopee! Which channel? What time?

Leaks, secrets and the really scary thing about the NBN raids:

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