23 Jun 2016

The UK: Is this payback for history, for old enemies that dared to attack Britannia in the past.

Finally. The finest hour. 
The day for which all brave and self-respecting Britons have long been waiting. Referendum Day. The pub happy hour when the proud People living under the Union Jack seize their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make things better.
Have their Big Say.
Forge a brighter future. Claw back their rightful sovereign power. Decide their destiny. Seal the kingdom’s borders. Put a stop to all the meddling by outsiders in their daily lives.
Prove that the City of London will forever be first in the world of money.
Put the arrogant French and upstart Dutch and Danes back in their place. Tell the Germans they’re still Nazis. Be imperial tough. Say to the sponging hordes of Syria and Afghanistan that they’ve no alternative but to return home.
Point out to the whole of foreign Europe, and to the rest of the planet, that Britannia will again be strong, rule the waves, never again to be slaves of others.

Please note: Britannia will never rule the waves again, they are not an Empire in fact they're only just a small world power.

So vote Remain, why because your not stupid! 

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