14 Jun 2016

Why not? Australian Conservative Party (ACP) and the Australian Social Democratic Party (ASD)

Based on an article by George Negus
Once we get this farcically dragged-out federal election behind us – that is, if we ever do – how do you feel about the next one in 2019 being fought between two real political parties? Say, the Australian Conservative Party (ACP) and the Australian Social Democratic Party (ASDP)?
Never heard of them? Well, actually, they already exist. They just don’t call themselves by those unfamiliar idiosyncratic names.
For the Australian Conservative Party, read what currently misleadingly calls itself the Liberal Party which be called the Country Party,National Country Party or Coalition.
For the Australian Social Democratic Party, read what goes by the hackneyed Australian Labor Party tag.
The ALP’s political “brand” is generations past its use-by date. At the same time, the Liberals’ who are in fact the opposite of Liberal packages its product in a way that is outright false advertising.
Given widespread voter disillusion, disinterest and distrust with the so-called major parties, maybe an all-round shake-up might be in order, a thoroughgoing facelift!
Instead of putting up with the existing apologies for ideologically-motivated differences, why not a freshly-minted reinvention of the two leading contestants prior to our next “Battle of the Parties” in three years’ time?
Regardless of who gets up on July 2 – notwithstanding another not-so-well-hung Parliament – the elected pollies of course have to get on with their governing and opposing. But surely the flimsy state of the country’s body politic also makes the time ripe for some serious navel-gazing, so that next time round, we know not just who we’re voting for, but what?
Would these changes make mutch difference, no we'd still be voting for the same old three word bloody slogans but the name changes would at least reflect what the parties stand for.

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