11 Jul 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has been taken for a ride by the 'Right' and once the electorate saw the horse he was riding they thew him off!

An excerpt from an article by Michelle Grattan

Now the conservatives are trying to use the moment of Turnbull’s weakness to stand on his neck with a series of demands, including a greater role for one of their number, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, promotion of more conservatives, and changes to the superannuation policy. It was reported at the weekend that Turnbull “is reaching out to conservative Liberals … offering an enhanced role for Peter Dutton in leadership strategy and preparing to promote a new generation of right-wing MPs”.

It is worth remembering a couple of points. The Coalition nearly lost to Labor, which is on its left. If Turnbull panders too much to the conservatives – to whom he gave ground in the process of becoming leader – he will alienate many ordinary centrist voters.
Hast Turnbull studied history.
In the past Liberal leaders have stolen useful opposition policies and blended them with some of their own. They have stayed in power by using these tactics many times.
Now we have a rump of the extreme right, whose ideology is set in concrete, they want to blindly bulldoze through their own crazy agenda, with little regard for the people or the small 'L' Liberals within there own party .

If Malcolm allows, or is unable to control them he and his party are doomed.
The electorate are smart and they won't be bullied, we have seen that in the latest results, the major parties are a bit on the nose so it won't take much to strengthen the fishy smells emanating from them.

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