27 Jul 2016

The electorate is sick and tired of the misrepresentation

An excerpt from an article by John Hewson

Basically, the electorate is sick and tired of the misrepresentation, in some cases straight out lies, they are told, to the point that they now mostly don’t believe what is said or promised. They are sick and tired of the self-absorption.

They are sick and tired of the games played, at the expense of good government. Many feel isolated, disillusioned, and disenfranchised in and by the political process.

They are offended that the “end game” of politics has become “winning” the game itself, especially in the media.

Politics has become increasingly short-term, opportunist, mostly negative, and sometimes very personal, where many of the principal players have never held down a “real job”, in the “real world” outside of politic, but some end up managing very large portfolios.

That they don’t listen to their concerns about, or even attempt to understand, the issues and challenges that matter to so many average Australians in the struggle that is their daily lives.
The clear lesson is the need to clean up politics, to re-establish the end game as good government, solving problems and creating opportunities, from both an individual and a national perspective.

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