7 Jul 2016

Trade agreements. We've been sold a pup or should I say a whole litter of pups

The government won't let an analysis of trade agreements happen because they stink!
It refused outright to commission a cost-benefit analysis on the giant Trans-Pacific Partnership deal it signed in February which is yet to be ratified. More than a decade after it negotiated the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement it hasn't looked back to find out what happened. A prospective study it did commission on the new Japan, Korea and China agreements found that taken together they will boost our exports 0.5 to 1.5 per cent, while boosting our imports 2.5 per cent, which means they will send our trade balance backwards.
Rather than being "export agreements", the deals for which we have data are better described as import agreements. In every case for which we have clear evidence, our trade agreements seem to have boosted imports more than exports.
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