4 Jul 2016

Who is this man? Not what we thought he was. Is he a captive, has he been muzzled by the extreme right? Or are we seeing the Malcolm that always lurked beneath

Here was a man who looked every ounce a prime minister in the old patrician style: 60-ish, well-preserved, untroubled by the world around him, self-confident, articulate, pledging to reduce the temperature of politics.
For the so-called progressive voter, he was the Liberal that Labor voters believed they could love. For Liberals, he was a smooth operator, just the type of accomplished manager they desire as leader.
He turned out to be a policy ditherer. Within four months, voter disillusionment set in. It turned out that he did not appear to have a comprehensive plan for the Australian people apart from his (headline?) innovation policy, which most voters assumed would not involve them.
As a retail politician he turned out to be dreadful. He was tightly controlled during the campaign because he does appear easy with people; he is more Paul Keating than Bob Hawke. If he is good with people we were not allowed to see it because of his controlling minders.
Worse, the decision to set aside three-and-a-half months for the election campaign was just lunacy. Why he did it we'll never really know.
The trouble is while the formal campaign lasted eight weeks,  he set the election campaign off on March 21 when he sent the industrial relations bills that would trigger the double dissolution back to the Senate.
As for 'the plan', it was just gobbledegoop, the 'innovation' slogan was just that, a slogan. No one understood, what did it meant, was it explained, no. Yes something did appear, the $50billion planned gift to the top end of town.
It seems they spent little if any time in creating policies, they apparently thought that the Malcolm factor would be enough. They may just get over the line this time in spite of 'the plan'. Do they deserve to win after such pathetic campaign, not really!

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