5 Jul 2016

Who was that masked man? The man who saved us from a fate worse than death? Tonto: I don't know, it used to be the real Malcolm Turnbull?

We have been saved from the awful fate of Bill Shorten according to the Coalition. Our savings thrown down the toilet, our families left to starve at the hands of the unions, our children bound into slavery from the marauding hordes of boat people and the rest of the chaos of which we were warned by our Government and its supporters, most particularly the tabloids of the Murdoch press.
Instead, we breathe again: Turnbull lives on, but he is almost on life support. He promised us excitement, agility, unity and stability; now it seems a bit oxymoronic, and we're not just saying that because he studied at Oxford. He is no more than half right: there will be plenty of excitement in the offing, maybe even a bit of agility.
But unity? Hardly. Turnbull is even further bound in thrall to the conservative rump, who will forever insist that their man - Tony Abbott - could not have done worse and would almost certainly have done better. There is no thought of a reverse leadership coup - yet. But stability is simply out of the question. The hardliners will continue to fester in the party room, waiting for the smallest stumble.
Have they learned from the people? No, and Malcolm is still blaming Labor, when it was plain from the start that their plan was in fact not a plan. Sure there was $50 billion tax cut to the big end, but who did it go to? The voters are not stupid, none of those cuts really went to any of them. "Jobs growth" again no real details.
No this was a sad campaign and that's why we were bored shitless.

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