1 Aug 2016

Amatuer Government and blunderbuss actions define Turnbull government today.

Amatuer Government
Based on an article in The Age
Another excruciating exercise in administrative mediocrity. The result:- Important policy action constructed with inadequate consultation and too much speed.
The party that in opposition, had indignantly railed against Labor for its haste on live exports on the back of "a TV program", had done the same thing itself.
News flash: Brian Martin, but he has decided to stand down as the Royal Commissioner investigating the Northern Territory juvenile detention system.
It is less than a week since last Monday's Four Corners broadcast, and yet the nation has seen a royal commission first flagged, then "designed?", and finally instituted, all in double-quick time.
Then Captain saw there was going to be a problem and has left the ship.
Yes the Captain, Martin, was the only remaining adult in the room, he accepted that appearances in justice are vital to credibility.
Attorney-General George Brandis and new royal commissioners Margaret White and Mick Gooda.
Attorney-General George Brandis and new royal commissioners Margaret White and Mick Gooda. 

The harsh conclusion is that the Turnbull government has apparently two speeds: dithering inactivity, or injudicious haste determined by its media strategy.
In the same week that Rudd has been haughtily rejected as unsuitable even to enter the selection race for UN secretary-general, those who did the rejecting, are looking remarkably similar.
The case for an inquiry was there. The justifications for abbreviating due process and for excluding the injured community, in designing that inquiry simply were not.
Had the time been taken and had those betrayed communities been incorporated, including the federal opposition, as Gillard had done when she called the sexual abuse royal commission, then unfair questions as to Martin's suitability might never have gained traction.
The reconstituted royal commission with joint heads, Mick Gooda and Margaret White, offers the way forward. It need not have been so difficult.

This government with such a slender majority has to pull its socks up if it wants to survive. They have not learnt to listen to or seek advice, they act as if the only gun they have is a blunderbuss. And we all know the damage they can cause, very severe collateral damage. Remember Abbott, he used his all the time and look how much collateral damage occurred.

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