7 Aug 2016

Axe-wielding toddler

Axe-wielding toddler has the makings of an Ekka champion, woodchopper dad says
By Alexandra Blucher

Updated yesterday at 5:50pmThu 4 Aug 2016, 5:50pm
Photo: Darcy Head is already following in his father's footsteps at just 15 months old. (ABC News: Alexandra Blucher)
Map: Brisbane 4000

Most one-year-olds are easily entertained playing in a sandpit or with teddy bears, but Darcy Head loves nothing more than honing his woodchopping skills.

The Redcliffe toddler has been getting a lot of practice with his little wooden axe as he helps his champion axeman father Jamie Head prepare for the underhand, standing block, and sawing competitions at this year's Brisbane Ekka.

Darcy's mum Katrina, who also competes, said her son has skills.

"For a one-year-old I think Darcy's technique is quite impressive, he's definitely not afraid of using an axe," she said.

Mr Head, a seven-time Queensland Champion of Champions with multiple world titles under his belt, is set to compete in his 19th Ekka this year.

He said Darcy was happiest with a tiny axe or saw in his hand.

"He's just all about woodchopping, he loves woodchopping and sawing," he said.

"He's a little bit small to be training with me all the time ... but he tries to get here as much as he can."

Darcy gets involved when his father practices underhand in the backyard with his own set-up at his grandfather's house at Kippa-Ring.

"We start him on just a little wooden axe that his grandfather built for him and then in another year or so he'll probably graduate up to a little tomahawk," Mr Head said.

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