12 Sept 2016

Government Funding of campaigns for and against same-sex marriage would be political suicide for Malcolm Turnbull.

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The federal government is at war with itself over the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite, as two former cabinet ministers demand the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hand over millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to both sides of the debate. 
Could anyone tell me why we the people should fund such things when both sides of this argument are quite capable of funding their own campaign. Should Malcolm Turnbull agree to this funding, even though he might say its even handed, it will give the impression that he is controlled yet again by the right wing of his party. That he is merely a pawn that they control.
In a dramatic intervention, former defence minister Kevin Andrews backed church leaders, rather than the Prime Minister, in a dispute over whether Mr Turnbull promised taxpayer support to run the campaign against same-sex marriage. 
Malcolm will never be a real Prime Minister until he shows the voters that he leads the party and that he has ideas that he will not compromise.

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