7 Sept 2016

Islamic extremists are treated with glee by the West's press. Who spread fear to feed the machine.


Islamic extremists are treated with glee by the West's press, why because it fills the need to feed the machine, the 12 hour news cycle. There is no the need to add to the story because it is presented to them, as a boxed up story.
It seems as if they will use anything that's free. We now have most of media owned by accountants who have no knowledge of the business, they are only interested in a profit.

News has been dumbed down because thousands of journalists have been forced out. They have almost killed investigative journalism by starving it of time and personnel.

The media now is a mere shadow of its self, we now have so called breaking stories that are not new, most of them are copied. Look at the front pages of the main newspapers, they all have identical stories.

Once in a while we have an original that is touted as ground breaking, some of them are, however because they have become rare, are they ground breaking or really just small reminders of days gone by.

Islamic extremists are in love with the West's press, its as if our model was designed for them. All they have to do is keep on making the little boxes(stories) and our press will obligingly open these little boxes of fear and place them on every news media outlet. They, the extremists don't have to worry about accuracy because there is not enough staff to check authenticity anymore.

The alternative, social media, although useful is in its self not a replacement for real journalism.

Digital media is now a place where many journalists have found a home, many of the best now reside in this space if you take the time to find them.

Best of luck to all journalists and wannabe's in this strange new world.

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