5 Sept 2016

Morrison tells doctors Greatest load of rubbish.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has dismissed concerns about the continued freeze on Medicare rebates, suggesting that doctors would be compensated by the government's centrepiece company tax cuts.

The Australian Medical Association swiftly rounded on the "surprising" proposition, saying issues will persist because of the lower payments and most practices don't pay company tax.

On Thursday, Labor announced it would restore indexation to the payments to doctors for the provision of services, which they originally froze for eight months in 2013 when in government.

Mr Morrison said the freeze, which was extended until 2020 in the May 3 budget, would be reviewed after that date, and contended the $50 billion company tax cut package would have a "positive impact" for eligible medical practices.

"One thing that I'm pleased about is that the many medical practitioners who are out there, on the 1st of July, they will get a company tax cut, those who are operating in those structures but also those who are in unincorporated structures," he said.

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