29 Sept 2016

Sisters tie the knot.

Two former Catholic nuns have celebrated their same-sex union in Italy after meeting on a pilgrimage
September 29

The two nuns reportedly met on a religious pilgrimage in Italy and fell in love. Picture: AFP/Gerard Julien

The La Stampa newspaper described the couple as two ex-Franciscan Sisters, both aged 44, who met on a pilgrimage.

The Turin-based daily named them as Isabel, from Latin America, and Federica, from Italy.

“God wants people to be happy and to live their love life openly,” Isabel was quoted as saying in the report.

“We ask our church to welcome all people who love each other,” Federica was said to have added.

Franco Barbero, a priest who was suspended from priesthood in 2003 because of his support for gay marriage, was also going to bless the couple in a non-official religious service, adding that he has already done this for 19 gay couples in the year to date.

Italy legalised same-sex partnerships earlier this year, after years of debate and staunch opposition from Vatican hierarchies.

The overwhelmingly Catholic nation was the last in Western Europe to adopt such reforms.

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