18 Sept 2016

Who, by the way, is Team Turnbull?

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Liberal commentator Janet Albreschtsen asks "who, by the way, is Team Turnbull?

Well there's  Turnbull and his wife Lucy for sure. Maybe Morrison? Arthur Sinodinos and his offsider Scott Ryan? Maybe Kelly O'Dwyer?

The numbers wouldn't make up a cricket team and if the Prime Minister's trajectory falls further, watch the Malcolm maybes scatter too." 
Laura Tingle writes in defence of Malcolm Turnbull, noting his office likes him (in contrast to the constant reports about the Abbott-Credlin office) and argues we need to stop judging the PM against the expectations we all had for him 12 months ago.

She is right he can't be judged on our  expectations before this present situation, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. He now has to show us just what and who he is.

Meanwhile Annabel Crabb, observes "Bill Shorten's having so much fun as opposition leader he should be taxed".

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