31 Oct 2016

Good government depends on debate on issues or policy challenges.

Based on various articles
Debate on issues or policy challenges no longer describes our government in Australia.

So called "policies" have been reduced to simple slogans, expressed as dot points, or sound bites, with little or no detail, evidence, or substance. The last election, with a historic high vote against the three major parties, in favour of minor parties and independents, clearly revealed the electorate's dissatisfaction.

They simply bag the other side, or alternative opinion, asserting some sort of draconian outcome, designed to frighten the voter, rather than to inform – to scare them about the likely impact of a particular policy, or of some person, or of some "hidden agenda".

The electorate has been forced to select the lesser of two evils and, then, having voted, has been forced to live with the evil of two lessers!

Scare campaigns and negative politics have resonated over the past decades. There was the Australia Card, the anti-GST campaigns, various health and Mediscares, WorkChoices and various IR scares, attacks on schools, higher education, childcare, and women, then boat people and terrorists.

Globally, there's the Big Scare, anti-establishment, anti-globalisation, anti-free trade, anti-immigration. Its very nationalistic and isolationist. To varying degrees it created Brexit, Trump, Hanson.

Scare campaigns are easy to run – mostly just an oft-repeated assertion, based on little evidence.

So, political and policy courage has essentially evaporated. Turnbull promised to be different, encouraging all policy options to be put on the table. Then immediately he took them off the table, almost faster then they were put on.

Fear only works, sustainably, in a leadership vacuum. The outcome of the last election, which saw Turnbull's standing collapse was much more about his failure to deliver the expected leadership than his stand on any particular issue.

I would suggest that the most effective response to a scare campaign is to counter with policy substance.

Sadly we have had none of  this from this present government.

'Battle of wills' with people smugglers or bashing refugees to death!

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Why are we bashing refugees around the head. Banning for life, what the hell is this about.

How can Malcolm Turnbull describe this as a battle of wills between Australia and "criminal gangs of people smugglers" when they aren't attacking the smugglers they are attacking refugees(customers).

He is attempting to blacklist for life all asylum seekers who have tried to come to Australia on boats since mid-2013. This is is a cruel and unnecessary, these refugees are, or have been, already in detention for years.

Smugglers must be laughing because they will still try and get vulnerable customers and if they get turned back, they'll return the money. Don't think so, as I say they'll be laughing.

Successful Policy ? The secrecy surrounding boat turn backs is such that we have no idea really how often or how many have occurred.

Is it successful because of the turn back policy or the treatment of refugees?

Under these changes refugees will never be able to enter Australia on any type of visa, including as tourists or for business reasons, even if they've been found to be refugees under the legislation going to parliament next week. This is to be a life time ban, this is absurd. 

The ban is to apply to all adults sent to offshore immigration centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island since July 19, 2013.

Feeding us the fear factor:-

"This is a battle of will between the Australian people ... and these criminal gangs of people smugglers," Mr Turnbull told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.
"You should not underestimate the scale of the threat."

Why the necessity of the legal change now, given the government continues to insist it has Australia's borders under control.

The already extremely harsh measures implemented have been successful we are told. Yet all of a sudden, this change is seen as fundamental to the policy?"

Have they considered how this announcement might effect refugees living here and those in detention. They will be even more confused and lost, this is bloody archaic!


28 Oct 2016

A brilliant description of what will happen after a Hillary win by a typical(educated) Trump supporter?

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A brilliant description by a typical Trump supporter?

In the U S of A:  A Trump supporter, "The Marxists in this country have taken over our mainstream media," said Ron Childress.

"They've infiltrated our education and institutions to the point where, if we don't win now, we become either a banana republic or a Marxist regime."

These are the same people that blame corporate America and a Democratic President for all their woe’s, well I have never linked corporate America or the Democrats who are all capitalists with Marxism.

Its no wonder they can be led by the nose to the Trump trough overflowing with his slogans.

Perhaps this tells us something about Trumps followers, if they can’t tell the difference between capitalism and communism they have problem.

27 Oct 2016

Australia legalizes 'the word'. Yes they've approved the use of the "F-bomb". Will the world follow suit?

The Curious Story of Malcolm Turnbull, the by Andrew P. StreetRecommended
Based on an article by Andrew P Street.
The unique beauty of swears is that they're marvellously versatile while also being refreshingly unambiguous. Telling someone that their work is of an unacceptable standard may be accurate, sure; but advising them to euphemistically ram said work into their southernmost hole adds an undeniable thrill to the conversation.

And thus the ruling on Tuesday by Sydney magistrate Geoffrey Bradd is great to hear, since it has determined that the use of my beloved f-bomb is legitimate language of protest and not offensive in a legal sense, when deployed in context.

As this blog will no doubt act as a source of information and instruction for generations to come, we shall use genteel alternatives for said f-word throughout, but readers from our distant, future should take note.
Please be assured that we actually effed and blinded all the time in our daily interactions, because we were so cool.

The best part is that deploying verbal sludge-blasts is now a legally recognised riposte to certain despicable persons and anti-marriage equality arguments generally.

This sets a spicy legal precedent ahead of what seems certain to be a whole lot of continuing protests after the same sex marriage plebiscite until it is humanely euthanized in the senate.

Most importantly, it recognises that abrasive language is useful, indeed valuable, and that the laws around its use have been used more often as a way to shut disagreeable people up than in recognition of delicate personal sensibilities - or, in the words of a solicitor "for too long been used as a social control applied disproportionately, marginalised and vulnerable people".

So now we know: swearing is a legitimate form of protest in Australia and language - and society - is the richer for it.

So let us f*** away with impunity, friends. However let's not waste 'the word' or use it frivolously. Its a word to be treated with reverence and used sparingly so that it doesn't loose its power.

25 Oct 2016

Australia's future demands a re-think of employer - employee relationship if we are to prosper.

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Based on an article by Ian Verrender

Australia's future demands a re-think of employer-employee relationship, its not them and us anymore.

Certain sections of the establishment for years have been calling for "workplace reform", it is cause for celebration, evidence that we finally are moving towards a more "flexible" workforce. Wow?

Little do they realize this trend could be counter productive.

The long-term ramifications of this shift are likely to play out in a manner that could hinder economic growth, put severe strain on our national finances and lead to a breakdown in social cohesion.

Never as a nation have we been less prepared for these challenges; the rise in long-term unemployment and underemployment(the elephant in the room) and the intergenerational wealth transfer as younger skilled workers and particularly new graduates find themselves overqualified, under-utilised and poorly paid.

Instead, our business leaders are focused almost entirely on the elimination of penalty rates for the lowest paid in society — ironically so they can boost their own personal bonus payments — while the Government tears itself apart battling an imaginary foe in the shape of rampant union power.

Who are the customers? The workers and we shouldn't forget it!

Until now, the prospect of a cheaper, highly skilled and more flexible workforce has thrilled many in the business community.

Slowly it is starting to dawn on business that those in the workforce also play another vital role in the economy.

They may be a cost at work, however they are your a source of revenue as consumers.

Your workers are your customers. If workers earn less, they spend less. If they have less secure jobs, they are denied or severely limited to, access to credit.
At some point, that will begin to impact consumption patterns which will flow through to corporate earnings.

I know its a big, big ask, couldn't business and workers get together to solve this problem or is it beyond them. Bob Hawke managed to do so, so why can't we do again, put ideologies aside and talk, really talk.

The summit 

Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke's economic summit held out hope to the unemployed and help set agenda for his government's economic policy that followed.1983

24 Oct 2016

Is this Australia or a third world counrty? Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has resigned because of no trust in Attorney-General George Brandis

Is this Australia? Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has resigned. He can no longer trust Attorney-General George Brandis. Brandis must go.
This government can't afford to have the electorate loose trust in them. Brandis is fast becoming a thorn in their side!

Image result for george brandis truth cartoon

22 Oct 2016

Is it true? That Trump supporters are 'BELIEVERS'

Image result for Tiny Donald Trump Garden gnome

Is it true? That Donald Trump has asked scientist to prove that the world is a globe, after suggesting that it was conspiracy by Airlines to undermine the railways.

Is it true? That Donald Trump suggested that the growth in the use of electricity was a conspiracy by the Electricity industries to destroy the candle industry.

Is it true? That Donald Trump is really a garden gnome that has lost his home and blames the world for stealing it.

Is it true? That Trump supporters think the world is flat, the Airline conspiracy is real and the Electrical industry killed the candle industry and that they believe Trump is a badly done by garden gnome who will lead them into his lovely front garden where everything will be rosy.

20 Oct 2016

Tackling corruption is not as simple as ABCC

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"I just can't do what you want, sorry!
ABCC can't do anything about corruption – union corruption, business corruption or even government corruption. It will simply not have the legal authority to investigate criminal acts, such as blackmail or bribery – even if they were personally handed a fist full of hundred dollar notes. No of course not, they will simply ask the police to investigate.

People want to see an end to corruption or similar criminal behaviour wherever it may rear its ugly head. We've had enough cases from banks, politics, international finance, planning authorities.

The main problem is the culture that allows corruption to flourish because it can insidiously anywhere.

Of course there are examples within unions and businesses , corruption or criminal behaviour of any kind has no place. The ABCC I'm afraid it will not do what the LNP has told us it will do.

Asic says requests to upgrade ageing corporate database denied by governments | Australia news | The Guardian

The word 'bullshit': Some short examples of the word.

"Bullshit", the authors point out, is distinct from lying.
Lying entails a deliberate manipulation and subversion of truth (as understood by the liar) whereas bullshit is designed to impress without direct concern for the truth.
Public service human resources sections, with their change management schemes, right-sizing programs and leadership training courses, know all about this. Indeed the very name – remember when we had a simple pay office – is evidence of their bullshit-generating capacity.
The concept of leadership is a fundamental component of the way in which behaviour in organisations has been analysed."
If that's not profound bullshit I don't know what is.
People applying for a job in the Department of Routine Service would be asked to outline their "vision for the department".
The"blah" words are "strategic", which means everything and nothing. Under its power, organisations devote themselves to the strategic management of everything until it becomes clear that strategy is a way of denying reality rather than engaging with it.
As a general rule, any entity with the word "strategic" in its title is almost certainly a bullshit-generator.
'Could this apply to politics'. I wonder. Mmmm...

The fire in these eyes has been dimmed by the Extreme right's blind dominance.

What have they done to this little boy?

"Little boy lost"
Photo published for With The Marriage Plebiscite Gone, Malcolm Turnbull Is Now Free To Look Even More Lost At Sea - New...

I was sold a puppy when I was encouraged to become Prime Minister.
 I didn't know the puppy would tie one hand behind my back.
I'm not a happy chappy!

17 Oct 2016

A Donald Trump movie or a real life movie?

Is this our  2016
"A face in a crowd"
Image result for donald trumpImage result for a face in a crowd
"A Face in the Crowd"
The 1955 film starred Andy Griffith
He was as a sleazy performer, literally pulled out of jail to become a TV star because of his winning way with the microphone.
In addition to his abuse of women, the audience discovers that he is using his platform to successfully promote authoritarianism, and he is described as “the last of the isolationists”. He is ultimately undone by the timely release of unseemly comments recorded while his show was on commercial break.
A 2016 real life drama:- The fact that 40% or more of Americans appear prepared to vote for a candidate espousing unveiled authoritarianism with Nazi linkages – who is already claiming he will only lose because of a rigged system – has pundits asking what will come next. Fears of armed violence around election time appear to be growing in opinion columns.

Thankfully Trump himself is exceedingly unlikely to ever have his fingers on the nuclear trigger. What comes next? Is Trumpism poised to be factor in American politics for some time, some variant has always been there.
Its up to the next President to make the so called forgotten people feel as they are being listened to by actions federally.

Though we in Australia do not have a carbon copy of Trump, we do have the Hanson factor.
This his come about because, just like the US, there is a feeling amongst certain sections of the community that they have been forgotten. 

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