17 Oct 2016

A Donald Trump movie or a real life movie?

Is this our  2016
"A face in a crowd"
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"A Face in the Crowd"
The 1955 film starred Andy Griffith
He was as a sleazy performer, literally pulled out of jail to become a TV star because of his winning way with the microphone.
In addition to his abuse of women, the audience discovers that he is using his platform to successfully promote authoritarianism, and he is described as “the last of the isolationists”. He is ultimately undone by the timely release of unseemly comments recorded while his show was on commercial break.
A 2016 real life drama:- The fact that 40% or more of Americans appear prepared to vote for a candidate espousing unveiled authoritarianism with Nazi linkages – who is already claiming he will only lose because of a rigged system – has pundits asking what will come next. Fears of armed violence around election time appear to be growing in opinion columns.

Thankfully Trump himself is exceedingly unlikely to ever have his fingers on the nuclear trigger. What comes next? Is Trumpism poised to be factor in American politics for some time, some variant has always been there.
Its up to the next President to make the so called forgotten people feel as they are being listened to by actions federally.

Though we in Australia do not have a carbon copy of Trump, we do have the Hanson factor.
This his come about because, just like the US, there is a feeling amongst certain sections of the community that they have been forgotten. 

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