31 Oct 2016

'Battle of wills' with people smugglers or bashing refugees to death!

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Why are we bashing refugees around the head. Banning for life, what the hell is this about.

How can Malcolm Turnbull describe this as a battle of wills between Australia and "criminal gangs of people smugglers" when they aren't attacking the smugglers they are attacking refugees(customers).

He is attempting to blacklist for life all asylum seekers who have tried to come to Australia on boats since mid-2013. This is is a cruel and unnecessary, these refugees are, or have been, already in detention for years.

Smugglers must be laughing because they will still try and get vulnerable customers and if they get turned back, they'll return the money. Don't think so, as I say they'll be laughing.

Successful Policy ? The secrecy surrounding boat turn backs is such that we have no idea really how often or how many have occurred.

Is it successful because of the turn back policy or the treatment of refugees?

Under these changes refugees will never be able to enter Australia on any type of visa, including as tourists or for business reasons, even if they've been found to be refugees under the legislation going to parliament next week. This is to be a life time ban, this is absurd. 

The ban is to apply to all adults sent to offshore immigration centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island since July 19, 2013.

Feeding us the fear factor:-

"This is a battle of will between the Australian people ... and these criminal gangs of people smugglers," Mr Turnbull told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.
"You should not underestimate the scale of the threat."

Why the necessity of the legal change now, given the government continues to insist it has Australia's borders under control.

The already extremely harsh measures implemented have been successful we are told. Yet all of a sudden, this change is seen as fundamental to the policy?"

Have they considered how this announcement might effect refugees living here and those in detention. They will be even more confused and lost, this is bloody archaic!


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