13 Oct 2016

Brandis trying to turn Gleeson into a dead dog on a chain?

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BRANDIS POWER HUNGRY he wants yes people, not people that will give impartial advice.

Mr Griffith (Ex solicitor-general) said it was an example of a significant breakdown in the personal working relationship between Senator Brandis and Mr Gleeson.

"The image of a dog on a lead comes to mind," Mr Griffith wrote.

"No doubt that for future appointments a counsel will be found to accept a shackled office, but at a reduced level of competence and performance, from counsel unlikely and unprepared to say no to those who call for partial rather than dispassionate impartial advice.

"It is not so much paying peanuts and getting monkeys, as the salary has never been an inducement.

"However, the result will be the demeaning of the office to the equivalent of attracting monkeys."

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