1 Oct 2016

Kindy bootcamps, they're another way to remove money from your pocket.

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"So Sister what do'ya think, did kindy boot camp help?
 "Would it have been better to spend the time with mum and dad?
So we now have parents who are so removed from their children that they have to employ someone to get them tuned up for preschool?

If parents aren't capable of spending enough time with a child to make them preschool ready, should they really be parents?
There is no such thing as time poor, its a lifestyle choice!

Companies are out there saying they're there to help time poor parents ensure the children grow up and get better good jobs.

There's been a recent surge in private companies offering “skill and drill” school-readiness programs has been likened to “kindy bootcamps” by the media.
These programs typically run for one hour a week (with fees in the range of A$40 an hour) for small groups of around five children aged between two and five.

The programs are often housed within companies that also offer tutoring to school-age children. They are not regulated or accredited, as child care, preschool and kindergarten full-time programs are.
Parents with disposable incomes seem to be seeking out these add-on programs to ease their anxieties about themselves.

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