20 Oct 2016

Tackling corruption is not as simple as ABCC

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"I just can't do what you want, sorry!
ABCC can't do anything about corruption – union corruption, business corruption or even government corruption. It will simply not have the legal authority to investigate criminal acts, such as blackmail or bribery – even if they were personally handed a fist full of hundred dollar notes. No of course not, they will simply ask the police to investigate.

People want to see an end to corruption or similar criminal behaviour wherever it may rear its ugly head. We've had enough cases from banks, politics, international finance, planning authorities.

The main problem is the culture that allows corruption to flourish because it can insidiously anywhere.

Of course there are examples within unions and businesses , corruption or criminal behaviour of any kind has no place. The ABCC I'm afraid it will not do what the LNP has told us it will do.

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