20 Oct 2016

The word 'bullshit': Some short examples of the word.

"Bullshit", the authors point out, is distinct from lying.
Lying entails a deliberate manipulation and subversion of truth (as understood by the liar) whereas bullshit is designed to impress without direct concern for the truth.
Public service human resources sections, with their change management schemes, right-sizing programs and leadership training courses, know all about this. Indeed the very name – remember when we had a simple pay office – is evidence of their bullshit-generating capacity.
The concept of leadership is a fundamental component of the way in which behaviour in organisations has been analysed."
If that's not profound bullshit I don't know what is.
People applying for a job in the Department of Routine Service would be asked to outline their "vision for the department".
The"blah" words are "strategic", which means everything and nothing. Under its power, organisations devote themselves to the strategic management of everything until it becomes clear that strategy is a way of denying reality rather than engaging with it.
As a general rule, any entity with the word "strategic" in its title is almost certainly a bullshit-generator.
'Could this apply to politics'. I wonder. Mmmm...

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