9 Oct 2016

Trump leads the way in educating terrorist?

By Moira Whelan
Trump embodies the trends we see among the worst of the worst. His tweets are embraced by white nationalists. He has been featured in terrorist recruiting videos. He is representing America to the world right now and he's teaching extremists a few things.
First, Trump makes it OK to hate America. Calling America "bad" is just the beginning. Attacks on policies, leaders and even celebrities prove to extremists around the world that every negative belief they have about our motives are real.
Second, Trump proves that facts just don't matter. Breaking new records in the fact-check category,  Trump doesn’t let facts slow him down. Bending the truth or being unhampered by accuracy is a strategy he has followed for years.
Trump has shown you don't need the truth to win. Peddling false internet memes doesn't get extremist leaders in trouble, it gets them media coverage and more followers.

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