8 Nov 2016

Have Australians been tortured? US of A election coverage should be banned.

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Our Australian media has had an election in America that has kept on giving, its filled our screens with non stop coverage that has forced us to study the grass growing and the paint drying.
We have been forced to rediscover walking and talking.

Meanwhile back on TV:

Well, stab my arse with a certified Clinton cookie cutter (it’s a real thing), but turns out that Australian citizens have no entitlement to vote in this week’s US election. You wouldn't think so when we have been swamped by the TV coverage.

Not entitled to vote how come? Led by our national media establishment to believe we’d been finally formalized as a 51st state.

Local passions for Cookie Clinto have been so purple and there were everyday claims of her goodness. By this time I’d supposed it was now my right to scrawl cock’n’balls on a ballot. No, it was all our media hype.

During our own Federal election, which was long enough, it was no match for the mix of American deceits, many of our journalists declared that they were bored with ours. Now they can't find words to describe America's.

We have suffered such irritation in the prelude to Tuesday’s foreign election we are thinking of suing the media!

No one, save for the factious Andrew Blot, has argued for the ascendancy of Trump.
Dozens of commentators have been eager to declare themselves With Her.

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