12 Dec 2016

Political correctness gone mad?

Edited by SWT Read. My thanks to Annabelle Crabb

Political correctness is – it's now universally accepted in this country, or by anyone with a brain at least – out of control.
It's getting so you can't say anything to anyone, in case you "trigger" them or offend them. Even if what you're saying is true! That's the worst part. It's almost like there are some words and concepts that just drive some people into a blind fit of rage or offence, and render them completely incapable of engaging in a calm and rational discussion.
South Australian senator Cory Bernardi.Guess who's ranting.

Have there been a large number of bodies that have recommended an emissions intensity scheme? Yep sure have.
Is that essentially a baseline and credit scheme? Yep.
Will we look at that? Not on your nelly, because after less than a day of hollering, the Prime Minister himself climbed into his bullet-proof vehicle and drove out on to the battle field, determinedly flattening any suggestion the review would look at an "emissions intensity scheme" and reversing over it a few times for good measure, like a chook farmer eliminating a snake.
Frydenberg's crime? Mentioning an "emissions intensity scheme" at all, which as everyone knows is pretty much the same as an emissions trading scheme, which as everyone knows is pretty much the same as a carbon tax, which as everyone knows is pretty much the same as just openly shooting pensioners for no reason.

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