12 Dec 2016

Report time for the kids and..........................a Report, Yes mum and dad are assessed over the year.

Just a few more hurdles and then we can all relax

The end of the school year is in sight. Just a few more hurdles and then we can all relax; Christmas cards, candy canes and of course, end of year reports. But while most parents welcome an assessment of their kids' performance, they do not expect their own input to be evaluated.
But a school in the UK is changing that. As well as assessing their students, they are dishing out grades to mums and dads. Parents that are really involved in their kid's education are rewarded with an A, and parents that haven't done their bit get a measly D. It may as well be a slap in the face.
The school, Greasley Beauvale Primary in Nottinghamshire use criteria such as whether mums and dads have attended school events like plays and parent teacher evenings to decide on the grade