6 Jan 2017

Funding to the ABC to fill the void and bolster its news and investigative journalism becomes even more compelling.

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Newspapers are dying who is to fills the gap?
If newspapers continue their death spiral, the case for increased funding to the ABC to fill the void and bolster its news and investigative journalism capability becomes even more compelling. Before that can happen, someone has to speak up strongly against the prevailing headwinds.
Those who might be expected to campaign for a well-funded, independent national broadcaster are strangely mute and certainly no match for the relentless right wing attacks.
It appears the ABCs new managing director, Michelle Guthrie, is not intending to lead the charge. She is reported to have told staff in recent weeks that Four Corners could improve by being kinder to business, including by broadcasting profiles of successful business leaders.
If true, Guthrie, need look no further than the AFR for a template. Of course the implications of a move into vanity business broadcasting by Four Corners and the ABC are immensely dangerous.
We need to keep our ABC true to its self, independent and unbiased as it has always been.
The fact that every political party in power has accused them of being biased proves that they have been unbiased. Governments of all persuasions do not like having a light shone on their mistakes.
The present government is no exception, they however are trying to cripple the organisation by starving them of funds and trying to drag the ABC's culture down to the level of a sponsored news network.

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