16 Jan 2017

Imagine Pauline Hanson & Donald Trump, the Super Hero Duo, who have the ability to shoot from the mouth without engaging their brains.

News Flash:- Trump worship has spread to AustraliaImage result for yoda quotes

Senator Hanson and other One Nation figures celebrated Mr Trump's election victory in November by cracking open champagne outside Parliament House, and have been enthusiastic supporters of his policy agenda.

In December, fellow Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts who has a lot in common with incoming Pres pent a week in the US
He met with several Trump advisers including staffers to the incoming attorney-general Jeff Sessions, climate change sceptics and other lobbyists.

We all know by now that Sen Roberts has mental prowess, he has shown us often how his brain works, as for Pauline, she looks positively clever along side him. I can understand now why she picked him, he indeed makes her look good.

The future I am sure will be in safe hands with such people of quality.

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