8 Jan 2017

Is it all our fault, should we be cast out into the wilderness?

Saying you understand and doing nothing is not empathy.
We'll look at it, is a non action in politics.

 Based on an article by Wendy Squires.Edited by S W T Read,
It seems our type have been told our fellow citizens will never be told by us. We are the cast out pariahs of last year, doomed to roam 2017 irrelevant and redundant.

Our old fashioned views of empathy, equality and environmental respect are pipe dreams, fiscal disasters. Refugees will have to just stay(probably including those lost souls on Manus and Nauru).

It seems they have to continue to learn their lesson for stepping aboard a boat. 'Wanting to live in safety and freedom is not realistic'. Just a pipe dream in Australia?

So, you would think with so much misery resting on our shoulders we would be rethinking our leftie views and we would be joining the good 'ol boys and gals of the new right.

Well we say a joyous and resounding STUFF YOU!

WE will stop listening to our hearts when they cut them out of our cold dead bodies.

To those of you pointing fingers at our type, blaming all our political correctness and benevolence as the reason the world has gone to Hell in a hand basket. We say look in to your own hearts if you have hearts.

Because if we are going to heal and come together, that's what it is going to take – human kindness, empathy, respect, tolerance and compassion they are not dirty words if you are a human?

No we're not taking the sharp turn to the right nor to the left. No we're trying to move towards the middle. In other words, coming closer together.

If we can't do that, then all this shit is our fault isn't it?

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