16 Jan 2017

Robots, will they kill our jobs. Should we ask for a job or a Robot?

If Robots increase unemployment, should we have them. Without workers Capitalism will die, is the alternative to pay people not to work?
If people don't work what will stimulate them?
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We are not talking about horses, trains, assembly lines, etc ... We are talking about intelligent robots with advanced technology that learn quickly without limit in the end.

Robots are general purpose and will do any job better and faster as time marches on. Most human work can be automated with certainty given enough time.
As new jobs are created they will be automated in short order as the training process only happens once for all robots.

Unlike humans which have to be individually trained in costly manner.
Training one robot is effectively training all robots for all of time. Humans are inefficient in comparison, they die taking most if not all of their knowledge with them.

The future role for money, taxes and traditional jobs may likely not exist as we know it today. These concepts are predicated on an economic system that will no longer likely exist.

The transition to a jobless economy where only a small number of robot designers are gainfully employed could be extremely problematic.

Rising wealth inequality might be inevitable unless we abandon our 19th century economic concepts and move into the 22nd century economy.

This article from the Economist last year provides a worthwhile overview to the matter. This is becoming a mainstream of new economic thought.

Everyone owes it to themselves and their families to personally know what the future may likely hold. The technology and automation trend spans the globe, no one can escape it in the end especially future generations.

Should our governments be thinking of the future, some in Scandinavia are already trialing paying everyone not just the unemployed a basic salary.
Sure this is not directly related to Robotics however it could be exactly whats required in the future.

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