20 Jan 2017

Trump played the celebrity to the hilt, his comments could not have been aimed at his target voters more accurately.

Trump played to his audience, it was another game show and he won. Why, because the media dismissed him as a clown.
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Having spent a century denouncing the USSR and Russia as the existential enemy par excellence, the American political system and public were now embracing a man who actively favoured Putin over his own president – the same Barack Obama who Trump regarded as an imposter in the White House.

Not one of these transgressions made the slightest dent in his image, or slowed his rise.

On the contrary, his supporters recognised a kindred spirit. Hell yes! Pussy groping, disability-mocking, casual racism and sexism, joking about getting away with shooting people in the street because you’re so popular – that was the American way.

After eight years of a black man running the show and spoiling their fun it was time to remind the world who’s boss.

Trump’s transgressions were not gaffes of the type that sunk Gary Hart in 1988 or Gerald Ford in 1974, but delivered with a skillful eye for the attention they would attract in the news media.

He succeeded in setting the 2016 news agenda way beyond his wildest dreams.

Now he has to play a game with the big boys, his audience is wiser than the so called forgotten voters who loved politically incorrect statements. In this game show its not as simple as saying your fired!

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