28 Feb 2017

Abbott:- The brain that is one track, I'll be back, I'll be back, I'll be back.

Abbott smiles while Rome burns
Image result for smiling tony abbott
From the ruins I'll return to lead you to the promised land.
That's a promise, and you know that I never break promises!

27 Feb 2017

Canberra:- A war zone in Woden, buildings boarded up, windows smashed, a bloody mess for seven years.

Weekly fence inspections, security patrol and infrared cameras have been set up by the developer to manage safety.



The Alexander and Albemarle buildings have sat vacant for seven years awaiting demolition and the Woden community is sick of living with the decaying derelict sites.

Shattered glass windows, boarded up doors and sprawling graffiti juxtapose the sleek and polished exteriors of the plaza and fresher-faced buildings in the town centre.

Planning is non existent, we have slick new buildings sitting alongside a monstrosity, if they have been left as an eyesore to remind us of mismanagement, its done its job, enough is enough!

The buck stops with local government, instead of playing the blame game demolish the bloody things, sure someones got to pay, just blaming the developers for seven years isn't good enough. 

You the government have the responsibility in the end, arguing for seven years is a joke!

20 Feb 2017

America:- Fake news? Fake future news? Is Our Dear Leader 'Donald' Dead'?

Image result for Trump face

Dead, I don't believe it. show me my death certificate.
 Show me my body, I'm gonna have my people check into this whole thing.
 I know the press, they say I'm dead but the press are my peoples enemy every thing they say is fake.
I'm the greatest, I'm going to make it the greatest second coming you've ever seen.

The dark humour’s back, as a Jewish friend of mine reminded me a few days ago. President Donald J. Trump is on his first state visit to Israel, with a red tie around his neck he travels to Jerusalem, to open the brand new United States Embassy.
There without warning he suffers a massive heart attack. Medical people spoke of acute coronary thrombosis and myocardial infarction. But truth was the Leader was dead.
As the news broke, pandemonium spread through the country, all the way back to Washington. Waiting for instructions, federal agents nervously guarded the body.
Eager local Zionists called for the Great Leader Son of Israel to be buried on local soil. An enterprising local undertaker quickly came forward with a funeral plan. “I can arrange everything”, he said. “Best casket, beautiful flowers. Fast service. Reasonable price.”
Behind the scenes, United States officials were unpersuaded. “We can’t risk it”, said one, off the record. “Two thousand years ago, another big guy died here. Three days later, he was back on his feet again.”

Extract from:- This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global initiative with the Sydney Democracy Network. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing democracies in the 21st century.

19 Feb 2017

Pauline Hanson, the 'fraud' emerges | Grafton Daily Examiner

Image result for pauline hanson dictator cartoon
Pauline Hanson appears to speak with forked tongue. Loyal supporters don't know the half of it.
She's not about the battlers, she's about power and control.
It's become obvious that she is a dictator and she has members that are of the same ilk.

OPINION: Pauline Hanson, the 'fraud' emerges | Grafton Daily Examiner:

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17 Feb 2017

Trump longs for a dose of "Trump,Trump,Trump". Can't live without it apparently?

Campaign Over, President Trump Will Hold a (What Else?) Campaign Rally

WASHINGTON — In an extraordinarily swift return to politicking after a tumultuous first month in office, the White House on Wednesday said President Trump will hold the first campaign rally of his four-week-old administration on Saturday.
The rally, to be held in an airplane hangar in Melbourne, Fla., is an indication that Mr. Trump, who has sometimes felt isolated in the White House, is eager to get outside of Washington and relive the rapturous reception that greeted him during the presidential campaign. Mr. Trump exulted in large crowds assembled at cavernous venues throughout his 2016 bid, and spent the first days of his presidency quibbling over how many Americans attended his inauguration.

14 Feb 2017

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns before 'YOUR FIRED!'

They say Trump couldn't pick his nose, well:- US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn jumps before he was pushed
 US President Donald Trump's refusal to confirm his confidence earlier came atop revelations of chaos and confusion in US national security and a firming sense that the administration and the intelligence agencies are openly at war.
Reports that the agencies now withhold sensitive intelligence from their presidential briefings, because this White House is not to be trusted with the nation's secrets, are a follow-on from earlier inside accounts alleging that the American spy agencies had taken to advising their foreign counterparts not to share intelligence that they could not afford to have revealed by an administration that leaks like a sieve.

I'm just a Multinational miner

Image result for Cartoon mining
And the holes you leave all look the same
I'm a Multinational Miner you know

We dig holes move mountains of dirt
When we arrive there's nothing but earth
Now the work is hard and we're not kidding
Very long days and heavy digging
We dig it up and take it away
Leave small mountains on the way
And very large holes we leave behind
Never mind one day they'll be mined
So in our wake we leave a lot
When miners leave they mark the spot
This is truly what miners do
It's not so nasty, we're being kind too
You wouldn't like us to leave the good stuff behind
Now we're just a miners never you mind
These big holes we leave in the ground
They might be useful, to someone I'm sure
We never do wrong, its within the law
No we are great patriots, you just ask why
The reason is obvious and we wouldn't lie
Every country we mine in, always wants us
We treat them all differently, oh yes, we must
Yes we are great patriots, now you know why
We belong to no country, we don't have to be sly
They bend over backwards to ask us aboard
Welcomed because it makes there economies grow
All the rumours that abound , they're just unsound
You really should learn to love us while we're around
We care for you, and your tax breaks, as for profit and losses
 They happen we don't cry, losses make money it's not pie in the sky.
Done deliberately you say, we don't have to be sly!
Its your government you should be asking why?

12 Feb 2017

Mr Harbourside Mansion's diatribe was the silliest thing I have witnessed.

Image result for malcolm turnbull rubber cartoons
Based on an article By Tim Robertson

Mr Harbourside Mansion's diatribe was the silliest thing I have witnessed, his Abbott like performance was like a plastic man trying to be a man of steel.
It didn't ring true, even though it seemed to enthuse his colleagues, particularly Barnaby who's blood pressure appeared to reach boiling point.

The accusation by Turnbull that the Oppositional Leader doesn’t know his place; that he is a ‘social-climbing sycophant’. He, in other words, aspires to be like the very man spluttering the invective. What he was saying was that Shorten, because of his class background and work as a union organiser, is delusional in the same way that The Great Gatsby is, in other words it doesn’t matter how high he rises or even if gets his own harbourside mansion, he’ll never be Turnbull’s equal.

For most people – the people who just want a 'fair go' – the speech was more of the same infuriatingly meaningless drivel that’s long characterised question time but that has, in recent years, subsumed politics entirely.

They weren’t arguing over any substantive policy issue that promises to make the lives of those trapped in the wasteland between their respective worlds any better. They were arguing, instead, over the sliver of imagined difference within their own political caste.

While this difference is supposed to be all consuming to the 'fair go' and Gatsbys of this world, for the "fair go's', drowning in debt and trying to keep their head above water in a world of growing insecurity and precarity, it’s inconsequential.

These disputes are chronicled, analysed and, based on what was said and how each party responded, predictions are made. Journalists are much closer with the Gatsbys than they are with the 'fair go's'.

That closeness colours their judgments; they’re too involved in this world to see just how morally depraved it is. They may question certain things, but they are incapable of seeing that the very foundations on which it’s built are rotten and no amount of manicuring at the edges can redeem the whole decaying project.

This disconnect from reality, the unquestioning acceptance that politics is something confined to the exercise of state power and the received wisdom that the masses ought to simply tolerate whatever self-serving, half-baked policy is implemented on their behalf. This is what leads to tweets from the 'fair goers' who are totally sick of this sort of behavior from either party.

Wake up! You lot who's lives are spent on 'The Hill', you work for us. If we wanted children we'd have voted for children. By the way most children are better behaved.

1980 ECONOMICS don't work anymore, political parties need to wake up!

Australian thinkers, and political parties, have been grappling with a growing wave of thought that the economic challenges of the 2010s cannot be solved by the old 1980s political consensus – the consensus that said economic growth is best achieved by market deregulation and lower taxes and lower spending that generate growth, and allow “all boats to rise” by providing the revenue for governments to pay for social programs and do something or other about poverty.

The rethinking has been going on for quite a while internationally, from Thomas Piketty through to the major international economic institutions. And it turns the old consensus on its head – arguing that rising inequality harms growth, that smart social spending is not the kindly thing governments do after they raise the revenue, but rather a first order revenue-boosting exercise in itself, and asserting that governments need to intervene more to get their economies through this economic transition.

The IMF now says income distribution matters for growth. “Specifically, if the income share of the top 20% (the rich) increases, then GDP growth actually declines over the medium term, suggesting that the benefits do not trickle down. In contrast, an increase in the income share of the bottom 20% (the poor) is associated with higher GDP growth. The poor and the middle class matter the most for growth,” an IMF discussion paper said.

11 Feb 2017

The sea in which Trump and his sharks gather, supporting feminism while doing it down.

Patriarchy is the sea in which Trump and his sharks gather

Based on an article by Suzanne Moore

I care not for these delusional men crawling out like woodlice from under a rotting log. In turn, they each tell us they support feminism while doing it down.

There is a slew of them everywhere you look. Conservatives posing as radicals. They often claim to love women, but are impelled to impart common sense; the segregated golf-bore wisdom of “funny chaps, women”. They know what women want.

The online equivalent are the young guys, pumped on inchoate rage, semi-literate, radicalised by the “alt-right”, spewing hatred at women. These guys don’t say they love women; they don’t even pretend to like them. They are at least honest.

Indeed, one of the reasons that the establishment/Republican party failed to challenge Trump was because of its own dishonesty. It has legitimised a level of woman-hating and racism that it pretends is not there. It kids itself that it is decent, while knowing that what festers underneath are expressions of white supremacy and rage against women that it does not want to name and cannot control.

To identify all this as the rage of the left-behinds, as simple class war, too often becomes a way of justifying it.

Treasurer brings in part of LNP's organ transplant to town?

The day a Treasurer brought a chunk of solidified horse shit to the table.

6 Feb 2017

Is the mad hatters tea party about to start for the UK--AND then they'll wake up

Image result for mad hatters party cartoon

“Apparently you follow the rabbit down a hole and you emerge in a wonderland where suddenly countries around the world are queueing up to give us trading advantages and access to their markets that previously we have never been able to achieve as part of the EU.
“Nice men” such as Presidents Trump and Erdo─čan of Turkey – both of whom were visited by the prime minister last month – were impatient to do deals with us despite their history of protectionism. “No doubt somewhere there is a hatter holding a tea party with a dormouse in the teapot.”
All you have to do is find it?

4 Feb 2017

Did Telstra nearly cause a diplomatic episode?

‘The Betoota Advocate shall reign supreme as the global purveyor of eternal truth’

Historic phone call between Trump and Turnbull cut short by Telstra outage

It will surely go down as one of the most famous telephone calls in Australian history.

Reports from mainstream media have been saying that President Trump hung up on the Prime Minister not long into the conversation.

However, the Advocate can reveal that the reason for the short phone call was in fact Telstra’s atrocious coverage.

“When the call dropped out, Mr Turnbull threw the phone across his office Russel Crowe-style,” said one of the prime ministerial aids. “He tried to flip his desk over but ultimately settled for throwing his chair into a bookshelf.”

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