14 Feb 2017

I'm just a Multinational miner

Image result for Cartoon mining
And the holes you leave all look the same
I'm a Multinational Miner you know

We dig holes move mountains of dirt
When we arrive there's nothing but earth
Now the work is hard and we're not kidding
Very long days and heavy digging
We dig it up and take it away
Leave small mountains on the way
And very large holes we leave behind
Never mind one day they'll be mined
So in our wake we leave a lot
When miners leave they mark the spot
This is truly what miners do
It's not so nasty, we're being kind too
You wouldn't like us to leave the good stuff behind
Now we're just a miners never you mind
These big holes we leave in the ground
They might be useful, to someone I'm sure
We never do wrong, its within the law
No we are great patriots, you just ask why
The reason is obvious and we wouldn't lie
Every country we mine in, always wants us
We treat them all differently, oh yes, we must
Yes we are great patriots, now you know why
We belong to no country, we don't have to be sly
They bend over backwards to ask us aboard
Welcomed because it makes there economies grow
All the rumours that abound , they're just unsound
You really should learn to love us while we're around
We care for you, and your tax breaks, as for profit and losses
 They happen we don't cry, losses make money it's not pie in the sky.
Done deliberately you say, we don't have to be sly!
Its your government you should be asking why?

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