6 Mar 2017

Australia:- Privatization is the holy grail of the LNP they are blind to examples where it is not working.

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Privatization, its the holy grail of the LNP and they are blind to examples where it is not working.

This obsession with market forces and its ability to fix all things is ridiculous.

Privatization is about profit only, it has nothing to do with, customer first. No, its about doing things with less, therefore making a profit.

There are certain areas where the profit motive it is not acceptable, why, because in the long run we have to pay for the results, whether it be in the health sector or in the energy sector.

Not for profit government operations have to take responsibility for all the ramifications of their decisions. So prices rise and they have to be efficient and that can be achieved by clever auditing. Its not rocket science.
At least they don't have to have a profit noose around their neck like private firms.

Basic services would generally be cheaper which would have a beneficial affect on the cost of living.

There is much in the economy that does benefit from private investment and we could not do without it, however there should be no go areas.

From public good to profit margin: how privatisation is failing our communities | David Hetherington | Opinion | The Guardian:

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