6 Mar 2017

Crimea is a lost cause, Has the west accepted it. No and Yes?

The west is making the right noises, but, what are they doing about it. Really nothing, sure there's some action to shore up other countries defences.
The Crimea is a 'dead dog' and its slowly being buried. Its now only about appearances. Sanctions are band aides, only useful after your injured, they only protect the wound, they never heal a wound. They're a waste of time!

Australia should stop following the USA's lead, Russia is no threat to Australia. We may question their politics, however world politics is one big question mark in this day and age.

Russia-Australia relations in state of frozen disagreement over Crimea, MH17 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

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China's already here, its to late to whinge. We have to get over it! There could be benefits if we think differently.

China calls checkmate on South China Sea China calls checkmate on South China Sea : 'via Blog this'