12 Mar 2017

One Nation:- Sophistication it is not!

Is this the 'sophisticated' One Nation we see in WA? I don't think so

Peter FitzSimons

How goes that line of yours, Arthur Sinodinos, that One Nation has "evolved "and is "a lot more sophisticated now"?
You used it, as you will recall, to justify the Libs rejection of the John Howard policy – to always put One Nation last on preferences – and, in WA, steer Lib preferences to them above Nationals in Saturday's elections. Let's see. Sophisticated?

Just in this last week, we have had Pauline Hanson endorsing the anti-vaccine nutters, accusing the government of a dictatorship, and directly putting the lives of Australian children at risk. We've had her telling porky pies, when denying that she had ever told Perth radio that she would be happy to steer GST payments from Queensland to WA, when in fact she did exactly that in January.

And we've had the usual noise from the rabble she runs with one of her own candidates Ray Gould resigning on Tuesday, saying it "It's just power and money, [for Pauline.] She wants to be the watchdog of Australia politics, but it's all for money, no consideration for people. She threw us away like a dirty rag. It's a scam. The public are getting smashed."

Where is the sophistication, Mr Sinodinos? Where is the single well-thought-out policy that is more than a brain-fart of empty sloganeering?