10 Apr 2017

Canberra Hospital. Systems do not work, I do not exist.The saga continues

URN 363159:   I am a patient of Dr S Mc Criedy
I was admitted to Canberra Hospital for a Urology operation on the 30th March it was performed by Dr Richard Savda and Dr Abby Murchie
I was discharged on Sunday 2nd April. I was given no discharge papers and or information in relation to what I was to do when I get home, regarding care.
Dr Abbygale Murchie said she would be in to see me in the afternoon to discharge me. She never did come back. All I was given was a scrap of paper from the RN Paulla on Ward 6B, with the following instructions: Ring the Urology Clinic to make appointment for a week’s time, as the team would be on then.
Rang Tuesday 4th April to make the appointment: I was told they had no record of me being admitted or discharged,  so no appointment could be made. I was told to ring the next day.
Rang Wednesday 5 th April, spoke to a nurse who said there was still no information on the system. Records only showed when I was in hospital in February. She said she would chase it up and ring me back. She never did ring me back.
Rang Friday 7th April, still trying to make an appointment, spoke to Shaun who also said that there was no information other than the February episode. He said he’d get one of the Urology nurses to speak to me, I then spoke to Diana, she also said she couldn’t find anything on the system. So she decided she would send an email to the Phillip Health Centre asking Kamal to phone me to make an arrangement for a home visit nurses.
So once again I couldn’t make an appointment. It’s as if I never existed. Why couldn’t someone have chased up the Doctors, Dr Abby Murchie or Dr Richard Savda to find out why no records are there. My Doctor also has to be sent a copy of the papers.
It’s Sunday 9th April, it’s  now 11 days since the operation, already three days past the date I was advised that I had to see the Urology Clinic and I still can’t even make an appointment because there are no records.

Rang 10 th April , still no record of me being admitted or discharged.

 Maybe I'm dead and don't know it!!!

Negative gearing is … a subsidy for buyers

This is the elephant in the room and the government is blind, they bury their heads in the sand and hope no one notices. All they do is pass the blame onto the supply side, this is grand stupidity!
Negative gearing is … a subsidy for buyers … The problem is one of too many buyers willing to pay high prices, and negative gearing is designed to create more buyers willing to pay more.
So negative gearing encourages people to invest in property, and it particularly encourages them to invest by borrowing most of the price of the house … This is a very odd kind of housing and investment policy, seemingly designed to encourage people to over-extend and expose themselves to big risks if property prices were to fall.
Capital gains tax is “diverting capital from other productive investments in the expectation of tax-free capital gains”.
Lopsided lending for private housing has diverted finance away from business investment.

9 Apr 2017

Doctor shopping for prescription drugs, we're not taking action. Why?

No across the board action by the states. Only Tasmania has acted with great resulted. Its time the federal government used some clout to have it implemented.

Meanwhile the death toll mounts with our heads in the sand!

Annika Smethurst on the need to tackle the prescription drug problem | Herald Sun:

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